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Emma and Egor-Infant and Toddler Teaching Guide-Book

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The Emma and Egor Infant-Toddler Teaching Guide gives you ample insight and ideas of how to incorporate a beginning sign language curriculum into your daily teaching routine.

What can I expect to find in the Infant-Toddler Teacher Guide?
  1. Enrichment activities for each book that make it easy to incorporate infant-toddler sign language into your day.
  2. Sign Language tips that help you build confidence in teaching sign language and gentle reminders about simple things we often forget, especially when teaching very young children.
  3. Recommended teaching order of books and lesson for including sign language when teaching your infant and toddler curriculum.
  4. All learning materials needed to incorporate sign language into a classroom, including instructions and ideas for using the books, flashcards and the “Can You Help Emma Find...?” Game.
  5. A suggested set of resources for parents that want to be involved in learning and teaching sign language at home.

Through your teaching you will increase the children’s learning potential by integrating the Emma and Egor Supplemental Sign Language Curriculum into your preschool program, developmental program or home school education. Take a peek inside this classroom.

Children naturally use gesture-speech as they attempt to formulate their first words. For example, they will mimic eating a cookie when they want a cookie. Supplementary gesture-speech continues to develop as they form two-word utterances. Those “gestures” are signals to the adult that a child
is ready to begin multi-word speech. Yet we often ask our students to “sit on those busy hands” and communicate without this innate behavior.

If you are interested in promoting early communication, enhancing gross and fine motor skills, improving early decision making and decreasing frustration while developing cognitive enhancement, then Emma and Egor is the Signing Exact English supplemental curriculum for you.

Easy to Learn, Simple to Teach.

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