Emma and Egor-Infant/Toddler Sign Language-Kit

  • $340.80

Everything you need to begin a sign language program in your school or homeschool. We're excited to be able to offer everything in our introductory Signing Exact English and ASL teaching / learning repertoire in one spot.

The Infant Toddler  Series includes:

  1. First Words 1 Sign Language for Infants and Toddlers
  2. First Words 2 Sign Language for Infants and Toddler
  3. Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Their ABC's
  4. Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Shapes and Colors
  5. Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Numbers 123
  1. First Words 1 and First Words 2 are appropriate for all children when building their sign language vocabulary.

You'll receive:

Bought separately, the components of the Introductory classroom kit would cost over $380.00.

2 new books and accompanying learning tools for infants and toddlers are coming soon. We'll make it very easy for you to add these new items to your classroom. Make sure you add yourself to our mailing list and we'll let you know as each item becomes available.

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