Emma and Egor-Classroom Calendar

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It’s Calendar Time! – What Day is it? What is the Weather Like Today?

The interactive calendar can be used every day at “calendar” time. You will use concepts from three of the books (available separately) Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Numbers 123, What Day is It? and What is the Weather Like Today?.

The Calendar Poster Kit includes:

  • 1 Set of Flashcards for Seasons, Months, Weather and Activities that children can imagine they'd like to do or are actually able to do in the school day.
  • 1 Set of double-sided numbers / signs for days of the month that can be added to the calendar each day or turned over from number to sign or sign to number.
  • 2 Sets of signed / written days of the week, months and dates for the section of the calendar depicting Today Is: and Tomorrow Is.
  • 1 Set of tokens for birthdays and holidays that can be added to the Calendar to remind children of upcoming birthdays and to initiate discussions about national holidays and special occasions.
  • 1 almost indestructible vinyl calendar - 30" X 48" with grommets, making it easy to hang
  • Clear adhesive pockets to hold the calendar days, months, seasons and activities.

Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach

How to Use the Calendar Poster

The calendar activity can be used every day at “calendar” time. We suggest that you begin with the numbers for the dates on the calendar and progress to the signed numbers once you are familiar with the signs. You can set up the full calendar as seen here or if you prefer, you can add the numbers each day.

  • Gather around the large 30” X 48” vinyl calendar every day.
  • You can start with all of the numbers filled in for the month or fill them in day by day.
  • Each day add the number or sign to the calendar or turn the number over to reflect the sign. You could start the day by adding the number and end the day by turning it to the sign. Use the Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Numbers 123 book for reference.
  • Move to the bottom left of the calendar and talk about the concept of Today and Tomorrow and the days of the week using the What Day is It? book. This is a good place to start or end the day.
  • If it is time to change the season or the month, this can follow on from “Today is..., Tomorrow is...”.
  • Ask the children to look outside. Turn to the book What is the Weather Like Today? Ask or sign the question. Then ask the children to use their imaginations and based on the weather, ask what they would like to do if they could.
  • Option: Using the clothing flashcards from the Get Ready for School!, ask the children what they should wear based on the weather.

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