Emma and Egor-Shapes and Colors-Bingo

  • $24.95

Today’s the day! That's what kids say when we tell them it's time to play Shapes and Colors Bingo.

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. Children love to play Shapes and Colors Bingo. In Emma and Egor Learn Shapes and Colors, children easily learn shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, triangle and polygon using brightly colored and highly visual shapes and colors.

Shapes and Colors Bingo may be played with or without voice cues depending on the progress of the children. We think you'll be playing "silent" Bingo within days!

The Shapes and Colors Bingo Game comes with:

  • 1 set of 5 double-sided, printed and laminated, 8.5in X 11in cards with colors on one side and colored shapes on the other.
  • Character tokens to be divided among the children and used to cover the game squares on the cards when a letter is matched.
  • 1 set of 30 Emma and Egor Learn Shapes and Colors Flashcards to be used as drawing cards. Just pop them into a hat or box and call out or sign the shapes and colors. 
  • Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Shapes and Colors Book is available separately.

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