Signing Exact English - SEE

From SIGNING EXACT ENGLISH by Gerilee Gustason and Esther Zakolkow – 23rd Printing, 2017

Comments from Individuals Throughout the United States Who Use and Teach Signing Exact English*

Why should I choose SEE?

Our decision to use Signing Exact English was really quite simple – we want our son to be literate in the language our society uses as its primary means of communication, English. While respecting and nurturing his deafness and the deaf community in which he is a part, we found SEE a perfect choice for us to facilitate Hob’s language acquisition and education. This system works! It is “user friendly” – allowing English speaking family and friends to naturally express their thoughts. Even as this book is being printed, our son has over fifty signs and frequently uses two and three word expressions. Compare that to other 17-month-olds! – Sarah and Hobby Howell – Waco, TX

Isn’t SEE a relatively new language?

The Umatilla County Education Service District has used Signing Exact English since 1979. Many of our students who have been raised with SEE since infancy are performing at or above grade level. They are English users. In rural America, SEE provides deaf students with the English that is so necessary to interact with hearing people in their home community. We have found that it is relatively easy for hearing people to learn SEE, which expands the deaf child’s communication network. Our deaf, English using students find themselves capable in both the deaf and hearing worlds. – Malina Lindell, Resource Specialist for Education Interpreters – Pendleton, OR

Giving families the gift of communication and language.

Congratulations to the authors of the new SEE Sign Dictionary and your continued commitment, sensitivity and significant contribution to deaf education, especially during these controversial and challenging times. As a professional in the field of Deaf Education for more than 20 years, as an interpreter, college sign language instructor, classroom teacher, program consultant, parent-infant specialist, and administrator, I am convinced SEE offers deaf children a complete literal approach to learning English naturally with all members of their family. This new dictionary is filled with new signs that will give hearing parents, educators and friends the invaluable tool of “language” in which to share information and experiences that are important and essential to deaf children of all ages and academic levels. The wait was worth it! – Jill Ellis, Director, Center for Education of the Infant Deaf – Berkeley, CA

*From SIGNING EXACT ENGLISH by Gerilee Gustason and Esther Zakolkow – 23rd Printing, 2017