Emma and Egor-What is the Weather Like Today?-Playing cards

  • $20.00

What is the Weather Like Today?

  • Set of 21 pairs of seasons/weather playing cards includes Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, yesterday, today and tomorrow and weather such as hot, warm, cold, stormy, cloudy, windy, rainy and snowy along with 2 wildcards.

The durable, water-resistant cards measure 3.5” X 2.5” and are super for playing games such as Old Maid, Concentration and Go Fish. If not in stock, the playing cards are available by special order.

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method helps you and your children:

  • Increases visual skills and observation skills.
  • Learn through play
  • Build Signing Exact English vocabulary

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How to play Old Maid

The goal of Old Maid is to form and discard pairs of cards and not to be left with the odd card (a wildcard such as a Teacher, Fish, Witch, Grandpa or Grandma) at the end.

  • Use the “odd” card as the “Old Maid”.
  • Shuffle the playing cards and deal them out to the children one at a time until all of the cards have been dealt.
  • Each child matches then removes all pairs from their hand and places them face down in front of them.
  • You lead. Spread out your cards and the first child on your left draws a card from your hand. If the child has a match or pair they remove that pair from their hand and place it in front of them.
  • The child then offers their cards to the player on their left. Play proceeds in this way until all cards have been paired except one – The “Old Maid” card, which cannot be paired - and the player who has that card is the winner.




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