Emma and Egor Social-Emotional Classroom-Kit

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Excitement, surprise, shyness, anger, worry; every child experiences a gamut of emotions many of which they are unable to articulate or share. These emotions may find a different outlet as the child may bite, hide or run around classroom.

What if you had a set of tools to help you help the children express themselves? The Emma and Egor Social-Emotional Classroom Kit contains:

  • How Are You Feeling Today? Book. Emma, Egor and Eli learn to sign the words for different feelings the children may encounter every day in school, while playing or when visiting the doctor or nurse. Each illustration draws from a real-life situation that children have the ability to respond to in sign language describing how the character might feel.
  • How Are You Feeling Today? Poster - Each vinyl "How Are You Feeling Today?" Poster is 30" x 48" and arrives with grommets installed making it ready for hanging. You'll also receive a packet of transparent pockets to stick under each emotion creating a space for each child to put their name.
  • How Are You Feeling Today? Flashcards - 21 durable, water-resistant, 5.75" X 3.5" flashcards with the sign on one side and an easy to follow description on the other.
  • Set of 11 "Face Cards" To make it easy for a child to express how they might feel, we've created “face-sized” flashcards or Face Cards. Children can choose a Face Card with the feeling they're experiencing and hold it up or mimic the sign to describe how they  feel. It's simple to learn and easy for teachers and parents as the Face Cards have the sign depicting the feeling on one side and a detailed description of the proper way to sign the feeling on the other side of the card along with a short but detailed description.
  • How Are You Feeling Today? Matching Worksheets 3 vocabulary  "cheat" sheets, 8.5" X 11" printed and laminated.
  • How Are You Feeling Today? Vocabulary Sheets - This set contains 12 worksheets corresponding to the 12 scenarios in the How are You Feeling Today? book.
  • Teaching Guide

How Are You Feeling? Playing Cards are available by special order.

Bought separately, the components of the How Are You Feeling? Social-Emotional classroom kit would cost over $150.00.

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