Emma and Egor-First Words 2-Book and Flashcards

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Emma and Egor First Words 2-This book and flashcard set, like First Words Book 1 introduces more of the “First Words” that infants and toddlers will learn every day. First Words Book 2 focuses on the introduction of identifiable words such as: dog, cat, car and truck. It also introduces conceptual words such as: breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. These are useful words to have in your sign language repertoire, as it will make it easier to introduce and teach the food series later in the program.

  • The set of 27 First Word 2 flashcards are double-sided with the signed word on one side and the signed word, written word and description on the other.
  • The book features the charming characters demonstrating the signs and written descriptions. If there is a difference between the SEE sign and the ASL sign it is noted and both signs and descriptions are shown.
You are your child’s first teacher. The journey of communication begins with you and learning more sign language helps infants and toddlers express their wants and needs before they are ready to communication verbally. 
The Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Series is Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach.

The 8.5” X 8.5” paperback books and the durable, water-resistant, 5.75” X 3.5” flashcards complement each other. They’re great for playing games and make learning sign language fun for children and adults. ­­­
  • The books have large, bright graphics that are easy to read when sitting side-by-side or when sharing with a class.
  • Each flashcard has the sign depicting the word on one side and a detailed description of the proper way to sign the word on the other.

Are your sign language skills a bit rusty?

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method lets you:

    • Hold the flashcard in front of you making it easy for the children to see
    • Say the word
    • Confidently sign it by reading the short but detailed description on the back of the card.

    A print-at-home version of the First Words 2 Flashcards is available here and the downloadable eBook here.

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