Emma and Egor-Learn to Sign Their ABC's-eBook

  • $4.95

Emma and Egor Learn to Sign their ABC's - It's easy to learn the ABC's in sign when using these bright and vibrant illustrations within the book. They are easy to read, teach and share.  

Why start with the ABC's? The letters of the alphabet often indicate the beginning of a word and are fundamental to learning sign language vocabulary.

For example, we’ll say in the description of how to sign a word:

"C" hands for Car, "T" hands for Truck. “J” hand for January, “M” hand for March.

The book has the letter and sign side-by-side on a double-page spread.

Emma, Egor and Eli are using sign language to sign their ABC's in ASL and SEE. How to sign the ABC and the alphabet. Fingerspell the alphabet.

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