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Emma's Inspiration

Alexandra -- Thank you for being my ongoing inspiration in creating a Signing Exact English educational program that will positively impact the education and development of ALL children.

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About the Author

Stacy Eldred searched for years to find good books and resources for her hearing-impaired daughter Alex and her friends. After teaching sign language to toddlers and preschoolers for over 10 years, she decided it was time to create a fun, easy, instructive and interactive way for teachers and parents to teach SEE (Signing Exact English) to hearing and non-hearing children. Thus Emma and Egor were born.

Stacy resides in Northern Virginia and has been developing her sign language skills for 23 years. Her passion is educating and nurturing the minds of children all over the world. It is her goal to reach as many people as possible through Emma and Egor.

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About the Illustrator

Lucía Benito was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and currently lives there with her family. She has been drawing ever since she can remember and considers herself blessed for being able to work in something she loves and so very good at. In her own words: “I truly believe that the greatest joy of being an illustrator is to witness the happiness of the writer when they see their written words turn into images that had only existed in their imagination. I firmly believe that a better world is possible starting from the small things.”

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