Parents LOVE Emma and Egor

Eli as the sign language superhero - I LOVE YOU Man - bring joy and sign language to children everywhere

Teachers love to teach and children love to learn. Parents, we know that you love to see your kids grow their language capabilities. Share and learn together with sign language books and  games featuring characters just like themselves. Emma, Egor and Eli use sign language to learn and communicate with each other and the world around them. Our characters are their to assist you and your children as you Learn to Sign ABC's, ask How Are You Feeling?, Learn to Sign Shapes and Colors and start each day with What Day is It? and What is the Weather Like Today? as they Get Ready for School.

Our series of books for Infants and Toddlers feature the younger siblings, Max, Lilly and Sam. With them you and your children will Learn Numbers 123 and First Words -- a beginner's guide to sign language vocabulary.

Sign language game. Help Emma find the signed letters of the alphabet.


Sign language game to learn shapes and colors. Can you Help Emma find different shapes and colors

One of our favorite games is "Can You Help Emma Find". We play by asking our kids to help find the letters of the alphabet, numbers and shapes and colors. We start with our voices and progress to only using sign language. The “Can You Help Emma Find?” game can be played with any or a combination of all of the different playing card sets. Put up to 20 signed or printed words, numbers, letters or shapes and color cards in the pockets provided. 

What else do we suggest you have at home to help you build a sign language vocabulary?

  • Flashcards give everyone a little nudge when it comes to remembering how to sign groups of words. We keep the flashcards for clothes in the kid's room and practice every morning as we're getting ready for school.
  • Books and eBooks bring parents and children together to practice and learn Signing Exact English and ASL vocabulary.
    • First Words Books 1 & 2, ABC's and 123's are both SEE and ASL. More fun to use than a dictionary -- we'll help you learn and share simple signs. Practice the sign for cat and ask you child to find the "Cat" in the book or point to their Grandmother, Brother or Father.
    • The more advanced books help you and your children tackle signs that help you express emotion. How are you Feeling? Practice the words for Shy, Scared, Happy, Excited and more. You'll be able to ask your children how they might feel in a number of situations like their first day of school, meeting new friends, spilling their milk or having an ice cream.

To see what comes next, jump right in and join the children.