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­The Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Series is Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach.

The 8.5” X 8.5” paperback books have large, bright graphics that are easy to read when sitting side-by-side or when sharing with a class.

Emma and Egor Learn to Sign their ABC's -It's easy to learn the ABC's in sign when using these bright and vibrant illustrations within the book. They are easy to read, teach and share. The book has the letter and sign side-by-side on a double-page spread.

Emma and Egor First Words Book 1  - introduces the “First Words” that infants and toddlers will experience in their everyday life. These are words which promote communication and interaction between young children ages 0-5 and the adults educating them. This particular book focuses on developmental words including Sorry, Please and Thank you.

Emma and Egor First Words 2-This book, like First Words Book 1 introduces more of the “First Words” that infants and toddlers will learn every day. First Words Book 2 focuses on the introduction of identifiable words such as: dog, cat, car and truck. It also introduces conceptual words such as: breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. These are useful words to have in your sign language repertoire, as it will make it easier to introduce and teach the food series later in the program.

Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Numbers 123 - Similar to learning the alphabet, learning to count is an important milestone for young children. Intuitively children learn to count on their fingers and sign language gives them a structure for expressing numbers beyond their 5 fingers. The book has the number and sign side-by-side on a double-page spread.

Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Shapes and Colors - Learning the signs for basic shapes and colors is easy with Emma and Egor. Deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing children can help Egor find his BLACK DIAMOND or point out Emma's YELLOW TRIANGLE. Shapes and Colors is the first book to feature full sign language (SEE) sentences. Children can begin answering questions and making choices, all while using sign language.


What Day is It? Begins the exploration of keeping track of time by introducing days of the week and months of the year. The book introduces more complex concepts such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd month and the number of days. If the children are ready – great! If not you can extend everyone’s sign language vocabulary.

What is the Weather Like Today? builds on what the children have learned in What Day is It? The book takes you through the seasons and introduces vocabulary for the different types of weather.  You’ll learn new vocabulary such as: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and weather such as Hot, Warm, Cold, Stormy, Cloudy, Windy, Rainy and Snowy.

Get Ready for School! introduces many of the words needed to navigate the morning routine. The children have learned the vocabulary for weather, shapes and colors, which are revisited in this book along with School Supplies, Snacks and Clothing. The book takes you through the morning routine and poses questions and choices for the children each day. Use the book/flashcard combo to make getting ready in the morning a lot more fun!

How Are You Feeling Today? Every day might be different and learning to share and express feelings with Emma and Egor couldn’t be more straightforward. Often children can’t tell you in words how they’re feeling but the expression on their faces usually gives it away.
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