February 2020-Print at Home-Coloring Pages

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Guess what? 2020 is a leap year. That means the month of February has 29 days!

Wow! Let's learn to sign and fingerspell February!

What else is special about February?

  • It’s the shortest month of the year - only 29 days
  • It is the last full month of Winter
  • Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th
  • George Washington’s birthday is February 22nd
  • We celebrate President’s Day on February 17th
  • February 14th is Valentine’s Day!

With all of these special days, you should have the Emma and Egor Sign Language Calendar to keep track of the holidays.

For now, you can just download the February coloring pages we’ve created for you. Add them to your cart – they’re FREE and checkout. That’s all there is to it.

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