Emma and Egor-Print at Home-Questions and Supporting Words-Flashcards

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Questions and Supporting Words -- These flashcards teach the signs for asking questions such as Who, What, When, Where, Why and How along with many supporting words to complete full sentences. You'll find pronouns and verbs that fill in the blanks when signing complete sentences in Signing Exact English.

The set of 46 Questions and Supporting Words includes who, what, when, where, he, she, it, we, they, about, around, then and more.

The Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Series is Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach.

The printable 4" X 6" flashcards:

  • Complement the books and help build complete sentences
  • Are great for playing games
  • Make learning sign language vocabulary fun for children and adults

Each flashcard has the sign depicting the word on one side and a description and clear image of the proper way to sign the word on the other.

Are your sign language skills a bit rusty?

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method lets you:

  • Hold the flashcard in front of you making it easy for the children to see (and for you to see the description on the reverse side)
  • Say the word
  • Confidently sign it by reading the short but detailed description on the back of the card


Questions and Supporting Words Flashcards are available in a downloadable, print-at-home version.

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