Emma and Egor-Learn to Sign Their ABC's-XL-Flashcards

  • $52.00

Emma, Egor and their new friend Eli make learning to sign the alphabet simple, straightforward and fun for deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing children. And with the recent addition of these extra-large flashcards each letter of the alphabet, clearly signed by Emma, Egor or Eli, encourage children to learn and sign their ABC's. 

These super-sized flashcards can be used for visual reinforcement as the children learn their ABC’s. The flashcards may be hung on the classroom walls or placed around the room as well as used in active games. The more the children hear the letter and see the sign, the easier it will be for them to retain the information and progress to the next level of learning sign language. These cards have the sign for the letter on one side and the primary letter on the other side.
  • 1 Set of 26 print super-sized alphabet flashcards

ABC Flashcards-XL are 8.5" X 11". Prefer to print your own at home? Download the set of ABC Flashcards-XL, they're available here.

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