Emma and Egor-Print at Home-Learn to Sign Numbers-XL-Flashcards

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Learning the signs for numbers is easy with Lilly, Max and Sam the younger siblings of Emma, Egor and Eli. Deaf / hard-of-hearing, non-verbal and hearing children can help the toddlers learn to count. Each number is accompanied by its corresponding sign making it easy for even the youngest children and oldest adults to build their ability to sign numbers and do math.

These super-sized flashcards can be used for visual reinforcement as the children learn to count. The flashcards may be hung on the classroom walls or placed around the room as well as used in active movement games.

  • 1 Set of 23 super-sized number flashcards including numbers 1-20 and symbols for +, - and =

    Numbers 123 Flashcards-XL are 8.5" X 11". Prefer to have your set of brightly colored, durable, laminated, extra-large flashcards sent directly to you? They're available here.

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