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Emma and Egor-Print at Home-How Are You Feeling Today?-FaceCards

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Buy the book, too! How Are You Feeling Today? Emma, Egor and Eli learn to sign the words for different feelings children may encounter every day in school, while playing or when visiting the doctor or nurse.
  • 1 Set of 20 Facecards

It's simple to learn and easy for teachers and parents as the Facecards have the sign depicting the feeling on one side and a detailed description of the proper way to sign the feeling on the other side of the card along with a short but detailed description.

How Are You Feeling Today? Every day might be different and learning to share and express feelings with Emma and Egor couldn’t be more straightforward. Often children can’t tell you in words how they’re feeling but the expression on their faces usually gives it away. With the addition of sign language to compliment their facial expressions and vocabulary you and the children can really communicate about an emotional situation and how they feel. Not every child will feel the same way and the book and it’s question make it clear that not everyone will feel the same way in every situation.

Each illustration draws from a real-life situation that children might experience. To make it easy for a child to express how they might feel, we've created “face-sized” flashcards or Facecards. Children can choose a Facecard with the feeling they're experiencing and hold it up or mimic the sign to describe how they  feel.

Facecard Flashcards are approximately 8.5" X 10 - with stick handle".  Stick handle available separately.

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