Emma and Egor-Print at Home-First Words 2-Playing Cards

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Emma and Egor First Words 2 - Set of 27 First Word 2 playing card pairs and 2 wildcards. Includes identifiable words such as: dog, cat, car and truck and introduces conceptual words such as: breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner.

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method helps you and your children:

Increases visual skills and observation skills.

  • Learn through play
  • Build SEE and ASL vocabulary – Children just want to communicate and if a word is signed differently in ASL and SEE (Signing Exact English) we include both versions.
  • Looking for more games, books and resources to help you learn more First Words? Click here to find everything you need.
How to play the Matching Card Game
Depending on the children’s skill level, choose 5-20 letters, numbers or words and place them on the table face-up.
Place the matching sign cards face down in a draw pile on the table.
The first child then draws the top sign card off of the pile and retrieves its match from the table and places the match in front of them.
The next child draws from the draw pile and finds the matching card.
Continue this pattern until all of the cards have been matched.


First Words 2 Playing Cards are approximately 2.5" X 3.5" and can be printed side by side on 5" X 7" photo paper then folded and laminated.  No time to print your own set at home? A durable, water-resistant set of  First Words 2 Playing Cards is available here.

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