Playing Cards-First Words 1-Print at Home

Playing Cards-First Words 1-Print at Home-Playing Cards - Print at Home-Emma & Egor-Emma & Egor

Playing Cards-First Words 1-Print at Home

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Emma and Egor First Words Book 1  - Set of 33 playing card pairs and 2 wildcards. Includes developmental words such as sorry, please and thank you.

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method helps you and your children:

  • Increases visual skills and observation skills.
  • Learn through play
  • Build SEE and ASL vocabulary – Children just want to communicate and if a word is signed differently in ASL and SEE (Signing Exact English) we include both versions.

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How to play Concentration
Depending on the skill level of the children, choose 3-10 matching pairs of signs, letters or numbers.
Place the cards face down on the table in a pattern.
The first child turns over two cards looking for matching pair.
If the child uncovers a match they remove those cards and place them in front of them. (That child may continue with their turn or you can choose to have the next child play.)
If the child does not have a match they turn the cards over and it is the next child’s turn.
Continue this process until all matches have been removed.
Count the matches at the end of the game. The child with the most matches wins.

First Words 1 Playing Cards are approximately 2.5" X 3.5" and can be printed side by side on 5" X 7" photo paper.  No time to print your own set at home? A durable, water-resistant set of  First Words 1 Playing Cards is available by special order here