Emma and Egor-What Day is It?-Print at Home-Playing cards

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BLUE COLOR: #58bbea

What Day is It?  Set of 25 pairs of What Day is It? Playing cards include 12 months, 7 days and the signs for week, day, month, year and 2 wildcards.

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method helps you and your children:

  • Increases visual skills and observation skills.
  • Learn through play
  • Build Signing Exact English vocabulary

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How to play Mahjong
  • Depending on the children’s skill level place 5-20 matching letter, number or word sets face up on the table in various places.
  • Ask a child to find the letter, number or word in print and the letter, number or word in sign language.
  • When the child finds the pair, it is the next child’s turn.
  • Continue this process until all of the cards have been matched.
  • Finish with praise and happy hands.

What Day is It? Playing Cards are approximately 2.5" X 3.5" and can be printed side by side on 5" X 7" photo paper then folded and laminated.  No time to print your own set at home? A durable, water-resistant set of  What Day is It? Playing Cards is available here.

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