Social-Emotional "How Are You Feeling Today?" Poster - Print at Home

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Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Poster Example - Social-Emotional Feelings


Just the thing to learn about our Feelings. Imagine walking into your classroom every day and reciting the following:

Every day I feel different. I don't know why. Sometimes I smile. Sometimes I cry.


 Each child would be able to sign exactly how they are feeling that day. They would put their name next to the feeling, creating a safe and comforting way to let teachers and others know how they're feeling.

Each vinyl "How Are You Feeling Today?" Poster is 30" x 48" and arrives with grommets installed making it ready for hanging. You'll also receive a packet of transparent pockets to stick under each emotion creating a space for each child to put their name.

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How are you feeling today? How to sign emotions happy, sad, angry, confused, shy and more using Signing Exact English.Emma, Egor and Eli learn to sign the words for different feelings children may experience every day at home, in school, while playing or when visiting the doctor or nurse. Helping children identify and express what they're feeling builds their social-emotional skills and lowers frustration and tearful outbursts (and helps with the biting, too).

Each illustration draws from a real-life situation such as making friends, sharing adventures and having accidents. Expand on the situations in the book with the help of our Feelings Emma and Egor How are you Feeling Flashcards learn Signing Exact English social-emotional vocabulary such as shy, happy, sad,Flashcards and Sign language flashcards x-large for learning social emotional signs for feelings.Facecards (extra-large flashcards). You can order them to print at home or printed, laminated and ready to experience.


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