Collection: Emma and Egor Sign Language Playing Cards

Fantastic! 9 sets of durable, water-resistant, 3in X 2.25in decks of Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Playing Cards. The playing cards complement the books and flashcards and are perfect for playing games such as Old Maid, Concentration and Go Fish.

Each deck of playing cards has 18-35 pairs of cards with the sign depicting the word, letter or number on one side and a matching sign, image letter or number on the other. The playing cards are available by special order.

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method helps you and your children:

  • Increases visual skills and observation skills.
  • Learn through play
  • Build SEE and ASL vocabulary

Children just want to communicate and if a word is signed differently in ASL and SEE (Signing Exact English) we include both versions.

  • Playing Cards-How Are You Feeling Today?
    Playing Cards-How Are You Feeling Today?-Playing Cards-Emma & Egor-Emma & Egor
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