Emma and Egor-Learn to Sign Numbers- Kit

  • $63.99

Learn to sign numbers 1-10. Sign language numbers

Similar to learning the alphabet, learning to count is an important milestone for young children. Intuitively children learn to count on their fingers and sign language gives them a structure for expressing numbers beyond counting on their fingers and toes.

In the Numbers 123 kit you'll find:

It’s also possible to add a set of playing cards (special order) to play games like Concentration, Old Maid and Go Fish

Learning how to sign numbers is simple at first. The numbers 1-5 are pretty straightforward, 6-10 a bit more difficult and 11-20 are more complex still. Once the basics are mastered, you can count to 100 or 1000 with little difficulty. Let's start with learning to sign 1-10.

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