Emma and Egor-Learn to Sign Numbers-Flashcards

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Emma and Egor Learn to Sign Numbers 123- Similar to learning the alphabet, learning to count is an important milestone for young children. Intuitively children learn to count on their fingers and sign language gives them a structure for expressing numbers beyond their 5 fingers.

  • The set of 33 number flashcards (Numbers 1-30) are double-sided with the number on one side and the signed number on the other. 
  • The set includes signs and symbols for +, - and = to help children learn to add and subtract.

The Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Series is Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach.

The durable, water-resistant, 5.75in X 3.5in flashcards:

  • Complement the book
  • Are great for playing games and learning to count, add and subtract
  • Make learning sign language vocabulary fun for children and adults

Each flashcard has the sign depicting the number on one side and a clear image of the proper way to sign the number on the other.

Are your sign language skills a bit rusty?

The Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach method lets you:

  • Hold the flashcard in front of you making it easy for the children to see (and for you to see the description on the reverse side)
  • Say the number
  • Confidently sign it by imitating the sign on the back of the card

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