Sign Language Tools for Teachers

Emma and Egor Sign Language Curriculum Easy to Learn Simple to Teach

We think teachers are awesome.

And teachers that teach sign language, whether ASL or SEE are heroes in our eyes. We want to help you with sign language games, flashcards, a calendar, playing cards, bingo, a teaching guide and more.

Check out our new Social-Emotional Kit. Everything you need at home or in the classroom to ask (and answer) the question "How Are You Feeling Today?".

We've created a self-taught supplemental sign language curriculum to integrate into and enhance your current lesson plans. It's Easy to Learn and Simple to Teach. Want proof that it makes a difference?

Research supports that sign language is an important developmental addition to early childhood learning and the Emma and Egor Learn Sign Language Series is there to support early language development and communication.

Early Education programs nationwide are incorporating sign language and all students are seeing the benefits; not just the hearing impaired or students with disabilities that limit their ability to communicate. Studiescontinue to show that early introduction of sign language show significant benefits in behavior as well as brain and psychological development. Check out the Thirty Million Words Initiative.